S & S 124 "euro 3 engine

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Brand S&S

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The T124 "full fuel injection engines for 99-06 models have the variable S & S Fuel Injection (VFI) module, and the single bore induction S & S system with droplet air filter. The engines can be easily adjusted to reamed-regulated induction. single S & S, with a simple induction kit mounted with bolts.The system (VFI) included in each motor, has closed-loop sensors, and the S & S ProTune || complete software package. Also Delphi-type systems include beating sensors and limit switches to protect the motor from damage. BASEAPPS FOR T124 ENGINES with the most common exhaust systems available on the CD and on the S & S site. It is advisable to adjust the VFI system at a center of VFI S & S regulation Since the S & S closed circuit sensor has been added to all VFI-equipped engines, the adjustment is much easier and the time needed to adjust to perfection is very low.

Black with Delphi EFI, approved euro 3

S & S 124 "euro 3 Black engine

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