Reflective kit in the tank

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Reflect-A-Cool or Reflect-A-Gold Self-Adhesive Kits help you keep your fuel temperature stable, so you can keep your car's performance and avoid vapor blocking. Use Reflect-A-Cool for temperatures up to 400 ° F (200 ° C) designed for standard gasoline, or Reflect-A-Gold for temperatures up to 850 ° F (450 ° C) designed for racing petrol. Also great to reduce the possibility that the engine or the exhaust burn for the high temperature covers, bags or parts of the windshield. Installation is simple, just cut the exact shape and press on the surface. Kits can be used on metal, plastic or fiberglass tanks. Each kit includes a 24 "x 24" sheet (60cm x 60cm) of material and a 1.5 "x 15ft (3.8cm wide, 4.5 meter long) roll to cover gas caps and uneven surfaces.

Reflective kit under tank

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