Avon Storm 3D X-M

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The Storm 3D X-M tire produces an impression that changes shape and size depending on the angle of the bike, increasing in size where necessary. This means that you will have more grip in both the curves and in the straight and lengthen the life of the tire. Avon RF technology is a leap forward in dual-compound technology, and will provide unparalleled consistency in consumption. The X-M version will give you a journey of more than 15% -20% compared to the Storm series. The wet performance of Storm 3Dd X-M is amazing, in part thanks to the Super-Rich Silica compound (SRS). The high content of silica gel allows an excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions and also reaches the optimum temperature quickly. The sculpting of the Enhanced Aqua Flow (EAF) tire increases safety and stability in wet use. With these features combined with Avon's advanced technology, it is no wonder the numerous approvals obtained by the German certification agency TÜV.

Avon Storm 3D X-M rear 180 / 55ZR17 73W, Tubeless

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